Here is one of our first Salsa Music Therapy patients...

NOTE: We have requested  the consent and permission of MR Enrique Bas, to tell his story on our website.

Enrique was born and lived in Argentina for 85 years.  He had been happily married for 60 years.  One day his wife was attacked and later died whilst in surgery.  Enrique became very depressed and wanted to die to be with his wife.

His daughters moved to Melbourne and took Enrique with them.  This added to his sense of loss, leaving everyone and everything he had ever known.

Enrique could not understand, nor speak English.

We began Music Therapy with him.  We used Latin-American music, which gave Enrique something to relate to.  Our sessions built up his self-esteem and over time, Enrique came out of his shell.

Now Enrique is participating in his new community.  He speaks ‘universally’ through music.  As it turned out Enrique loves playing the piano and harmonica.  So he now provides enjoyment for other people, which makes him happy.  Enrique now dances the Salsa as well

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